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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Random Musings

My husband called as I was leaving work last night with the "there's no food in the house" plea.  Would I, he wondered, bring something home for us to eat.  I didn't feel like stopping at the grocery store and then making something, so I did what so many working parents do.  I headed to the drive thru.  All of a sudden, as I waited for my turn in line, I had a news headline flashback.  Remember years ago when McDonald's was in the news for secretly using beef product in their french fries and hash browns?  At the time, I thought, "Who cares?".  Yesterday, I thought, "Oh, no!" 

You've ordered through a drive through speaker, right?  Have you tried to test the order takers product knowledge through a drive through speaker?  Ugh.  I'm sure they spit in my salad and fries.  The fries, it turns out, that aren't vegan after all.  Not that I really needed another reason to give up fast food forever.  It's funny how time can change your perspective. 

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